Ghanaian languages teachers unhappy with policy

Teacher3The Association of Teachers of Ghanaian Languages, has in a resolution passed at a conference expressed unhappiness with the current languages policy on education.

“We acknowledge the inadequacy of the period for the study of Ghanaian languages at the colleges of education level and advice that the period for Ghanaian language study at the colleges of education should be extended to two years.”

The association also suggested that Ghanaian language should be a key part for the requirement for admission into the colleges of education and also entering requirement into the Tertiary Institutions.

The conference was on the theme: “Ghanaian Languages: Key to improvement in Ghana Education System.”

The association suggested the need for Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service to make the study of Ghanaian languages compulsory at the basic school level “placing it in the category of Mathematics, Science, and English”.

“The Ministry of Education should consider the reintroduction of Ghanaian language as a core subject at the senior high school level.”

Dr Avea Nsoh, Senior Lecturer of University of Education, Winneba, Department of Gur-Gonja Languages Education, in an address said: “The goal of appropriate language polices for effective education is worth pursuing.”

It is obvious that the current policies of over – reliance on exoglossic languages are failing individuals, their communities and their countries in Africa, he added.

Source: GNA

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