Ghana should be hailed for hosting Guantanamo Bay ex-detainees – Sanah

Guantanamo BayMr Mustapha Sanah, Executive Director of NOGAID, an international NGO,  has expressed shock at the manner some people are reacting to government’s decision to receive the two ex-detainees from the Cuba-based Guantanamo Bay.

“Ghana is a great country and our decision to receive these two gentlemen is a singular act of courage and friendliness and every Ghanaian should be proud of this gesture.

“I therefore commend Ghana’s foreign policy decision on this matter, and I am proud to be a Ghanaian,” he said in a statement issued in Accra at the weekend and copied to Ghana News Agency.

“I don’t think our leaders criticising the decision have given the matter a critical examination,” he added.

He said those against the hosting of the refugees at the behest of the US should not ignore the fact that the two detainees were incarcerated for 14 years without trial.

“Did they receive fair trial?  Were they convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction? They were only held on suspicion by the US that they were terrorists.

“After detention and investigations for 14 years, the might of American intelligence could not prove that they were guilty and Ghana as part of the international community decided to host them.

“Just some few decades ago, Britain, US and other developed nations witnessed the flow of many Ghanaians on their shores to seek political asylum, some alleging military brutalities. These countries provided them with safe havens.”

The statement therefore, asked Ghanaians to leave the former two detains in peace to get the necessary support to live happily and rehabilitate themselves.

“We are duty bound as a country and it is time for Ghana to show our generosity to others just like what others did for us”.

Source: GNA

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