Test trial of Bui dam spillway proves successful

Bui dam
Bui dam

A test trial to make sure that the spillways provided for controlled release of flows at the Bui Dam are in order, has been successfully carried out.

Mr. Wumbilla Salifu, Manager, External and Community Relations, Bui Power Authority (BPA), described the test as hugely successful.

Impounded water discharged through the five gates of the 400-megawatt dam, moved downstream to assist enhance power generation at the Akosombo and the Kpong generating stations.

Mr. Salifu told newsmen that after the six-hour test it would not have any significant effect on the accumulated inflows for the dam’s operation in 2016.

The trila should have been done earlier but had to be put on hold because of the inadequate inflows into the reservoir at the time the Authority was taking over the project from the contractors.

The parties agreed it should be conducted when the reservoir had reached the appropriate level.

Mr. Salifu said they worked closely with the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Banda District Assembly and the security agencies to adequately sensitize people in communities downstream, before opening the spill gates.

The BPA as managers of the dam, he noted, has a responsibility to control the flow of water to ensure that the safety of the dam and its structures is not affected.

Source: GNA

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