GhIPSS deploys 635 gh-link hybrid Point of Sales

EzwichThe Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), has deployed about 635 hybrid Point of Sales (POSes) devices to help make shopping more convenient for the public.

The public could shop and pay using their local debit card (popularly called ATM card) or the e-zwich card.

These POSes are positioned in major shopping outlets, pharmacies, beauty parlours and eateries in Accra, Takoradi, Koforidua and Kumasi, among others, officials said.

Previously, the POSes available on the market, could only accept foreign branded debit and credit cards.

However, since GhIPSS launched its gh-link hybrid POSes, bank customer could use cards issued locally on these gh-link POSes.

There are about 450 of such POSes in the Accra/Tema area alone while the other 185 could be found in other regions of the country.

As shopping activities pick up due to the festivities, shoppers would have easier access to these POSes to enable them to make purchases even if they do not carry cash on them.

Paying with cards has largely been limited to foreigners who visit the country. However, increasingly the Ghanaian banking public is using the card due to the convenience that comes with it.

The use has also seen a steady rise since it became possible to use local debit cards on the gh-link POSes.

GhIPSS introduced the hybrid POSes as part of its mandate to migrate Ghana into an electronic payment community. The institution has been working with the banks to deplore these terminals at key outlets.

Analysts predict that the use of cards for payment would continue to rise as the younger generation earns income since they are more adept when it comes to technology.

Source: GNA

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