Majority leader blames all of government’s problems on NPP sabotage

Bagbin2The majority leader has exposed the diabolical machinations of the NPP, whose leadership, said he, have been busily forming alliances with forces internal, external, and even infernal!

Privileged information available to the NDC MP suggests that the NPP made use of their ties with external forces to thwart government’s attempt to bring the power barge home in April.

‘The barge manufacturers in Turkey don’t know which party is in power in Ghana,’ said the NDC law-maker, ‘so they complied when the NPP went to tell them that we Ghanaians don’t want the power barges anymore.’

The honourable gentleman also disclosed that the NPP was behind the recently disclosed payments by GNPC to four former employees: ‘Government has no hand in the payments,’ he told an Accra-based radio station, ‘it was the NPP who deceived the GNPC board to make the payment.’

He also said that the NPP would stop at nothing to bring the NDC government into disrepute, and made reference to the troubled local currency to back his claim.

‘Anita De Sosoo was right when she said that dwarves were stealing dollars from the vaults of the Bank of Ghana. But what she didn’t say was that those dwarves were sent by the NPP. That’s how wicked the NPP can be.’

He swore that even Mahama means well, but that the only reason he keeps bumbling through the governance of the country was ‘because of the bad advice and influence from the NPP.’

Editor’s note: The ‘Inside the News by Mpakoo’ column which appears every Monday exclusively on is satire.

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