Ghana’s REDD+ Secretariat launches ‘REDD Eye’ aforestation campaign

ForestThe National REDD+ Secretariat of the Forestry Commission has launched the first ever “REDD Eye” campaign to create awareness among the youth on the need to plant and nurture trees.

The campaign would also open the eyes of the youth to the importance of the REDD+ as a mechanism to reduce the devastating effects of climate change.

Climate change has become a worldwide phenomenon, affecting all forms of human lives.

REDD+ stands for the countries’ efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and foster conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

Mr Samuel Afari Dartey, Chief Executive of the Forestry Commission (FC), said the greed and desire of human beings to consume more than needed was leading to the fast deterioration of the environment and putting lives at risk.

He said the REDD+ Secretariat was working in partnership with key institutions and stakeholders to check the rapid loss of forest cover and urged the youth to play key roles in ensuring the sustainability of the forest.

Mr Yaw Kwakye, Head of the National REDD+ Secretariat, said the campaign was to encourage the youth to take bold actions on issues concerning the environment.

He said boosting the knowledge of the youth about the negative effects of deforestation and degradation would enable them to take decisive actions to halt the destructive practices contributing to global warming.

In addition, the REDD EYE campaign is also to inculcate the habit of tree planting among the youth.

He called on the youth to be interested in issues about the environment and be active participants in measures that reduce the impact of degradation of the forest and to ensure the integrity of the environment.

The campaign would be taken to the regions and districts to raise awareness on the environment and the impact of galamsey activities in the forests that had destroyed water bodies.

Source: GNA

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