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Mahama chastises 4.9% of NDC members who voted against him

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President John Mahama
President John Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has directed some harsh words at the 4.9% of NDC voters who expressed lack of faith in his leadership at the party primaries last weekend.

He told a gathering of supporters that it was ‘unfortunate that some opana insignificants who are not my co-equal would dare vote against me.’

He told the gathering that ‘no miserable foot-soldier has the right to question my leadership because they have no idea what it means to be president. How dare any foot-soldier question my leadership! Isn’t it public toilets that you guys fight over?’

He was generous enough to lavish some of the criticisms on E. T. Mensah, accusing him of being incompetent:

‘E. T. Mensah is a disappointment. And I have every right to call him incompetent because I, like him, have also been MP. How can he sit down for Sam George, The Elevator Boy, to beat him?’

The president is expected to pour the remaining opprobrium on the NPP in his next public speech. He is expected to ask the NPP to take a lesson or two from the NDC about smooth and orderly conduct of internal party elections.

Meanwhile, the Power Minister, Dr Kwabena Donkor, in a press release, has called on Ghanaians to be cheerful because ‘although I have failed to bring any sor to your dum, and have no idea where the power barges are roaming at the moment, at least I won at the primaries last weekend. This is evidence that it’s possible for me to do something right.’

Editor’s note: The ‘Inside the News by Mpakoo’ column which appears every Monday exclusively on ghanabusinessnews.com is satire.

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