Supreme Court removes Head of Musama Church

Law2The Supreme Court by a five-zero ruling on November 11, unanimously dismissed the appeal filed by Prophet Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah, against his removal as Akaboha and Head Prophet of the Musama Disco Christo Church (MDCC).

The court was constituted by Justices Atuguba, Adinyira, Gbadegbe, Benin and Akamba

The former head challenged the lawfulness of his removal from office, questioning the capacity of the persons who on the authority of the church, removed him in January 2002.

A press release issued by Reverend Isaac Kwesi Bagyinah, General Secretary of the MDCC on Thursday said: “ The effect of the judgement of the Supreme Court is that the faculties of Prophet Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah  as head prophet, high priest and chief of the Mozano community in the Central Region have been perpetually withdrawn.”

It said the decision also puts to rest the dispute over the headship of the church, which has raged on for the past 13 years.

“It is hereby stated for the attention and information of the public especially the entire community of the church that Prophet Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah has been removed from office and is consequently no longer the head prophet of the church and therefore must be held as such.

“By notice of this publication, Prophet Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah is reminded to cease and desist forthwith from holding himself out or allowing himself out as the head prophet of the church, “the release said.

Prophet Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah is further reminded to respect the verdict of the Supreme Court and to submit himself to the leadership of the church as presently constituted if he wants to remain relevant to the church.

“By notice of the press release, all stations, pastors, prophets, and individuals who previously aligned themselves with the deposed Akaboha are warmly invited to join the fold of the one undivided MDCC.

“In this regard, the church directs all stations to submit their assessments and direct all requests and questions to the leadership of the church as presently constituted.”

The release said the leadership of the church in turn assures all such persons of a warm embrace into the church and further undertakes that there would be no reprisal actions towards them.

However any church officer who takes the ill –advised decision to flout these salutary directives or orders would present the church with no other option than to apply the appropriate sanctions.

Meanwhile the church would soon roll out programmes and convene series of meetings of all prophets, pastors and church leaders and other relevant identifiable groups and societies to discuss the welfare and forward march of the mission and its membership.

“In the meantime, all persons concerned are hereby requested to take note of the matters contained herein and, for those whom compliance is required comply accordingly.

Source: GNA

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