Mahama urges NDC to work hard to gain more Volta votes

Mahama_5President John Mahama on Thursday observed that the set goal of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Volta Region to boost its votes in the 2016 elections could be attained with hard work.

He was addressing a lively durbar in Ho to launch the “Volta Gap One million votes” intended to stretch the vote gap between the NDC and the New Patriotic (NPP) to 1,000,000 in the 2016 elections, from the around 623,492 in 2012.

“It is possible, but the region needs to work hard to be able to achieve it,” President Mahama stated.

The durbar which crowned a two-day visit to the Region was the last leg of the President’s “Changing Lives, Transforming Ghana” region by region tours.

It was like an arrival-back-home-celebration for President John Mahama, standing before the ecstatic crowd at a durbar.

President Mahama said he was also in the Region to solicit endorsement for his sole candidature in the Saturday Presidential primary of the Party, which will be held along with parliamentary primaries, across the country.

Volta Region is ‘storehouse’ of votes for the President’s National Democratic Congress (NDC), where President Mahama in 2012 strode to an 85.47 per cent win, while Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), trailed at 12.93 per cent.

The President said votes from the Region would be crucial in 2016, as in the past, to offset gains by the other main competitor in other regions.

President Mahama said there was the need to educate supporters on voting procedures to avoid the many rejected ballots in the polls.

He asked Party members to massively endorse his candidature in the primaries.

President Mahama again dismissed assertions that the NDC government was doing very little for the region, as uninformed.

That is misinformation, which is “absolutely false-‘alakpa-’”meaning a lie in Ewe, the main local dialect of the Region.

On the selective uproar over his recent retort over his government being labelled incompetent, President Mahama said, he had received many calls to maintain his normal cool and so would not make other comments as he considered some of those criticisms as needless trifles.

He however lashed at the New Patriotic Party (NPP) again for muddling information on Ghana’s indebtedness to confuse the people.

President Mahama said he expected the Saturday primaries, using the Party’s novel expanded voters list, recently piloted in the Amenfi-West constituency, to come off successfully.

Madam Helen Adjoa Ntoso, Volta Regional Minister in a brief remark to introduce the President said the “Volta Gap One Million Project was a done deal”.

There were speeches by some Ministers of State, Party Executives, as preludes to the President’s address all lauding the performance of the NDC.

Source: GNA

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  1. Kwadwo Owusu Akyaw. says

    Does anyone see Prez Mahama as a chief executive on top of his job? To me he still appears a novice who doesn’t find his way too well. I am afraid one more year of his administration will find the economy running aground.

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