Dr Mahama files nomination to contest PNC flagbearership

Dr. Edward Mahama
Dr. Edward Mahama

Dr Edward Nasigre Mahama on Wednesday filed his nomination to contest the flagbearership position of the People’s National Convention (PNC) at the party’s headquarters in Accra.

The events attracted some members of the party, past and present executives and some other contesting candidates who were there to support him.

Dr Mahama said the PNC family was dedicated to the peace and stability of the nation and that the role to enrich, stabilize the country in its democratic journey should not be mortgaged to individual selfish interests that would endanger the country’s peace and stability.

He said in recognition of the noble role the PNC had played in the nation’s history, “I find it difficult to turn my back on the party at this hour”, adding that everybody needed somebody to lean on.

Dr Mahama said there was a call on him by the PNC party rank and file to come back and lead the party, in acknowledgement of the fact that for 16 years and over four election cycles they kept sending him back to the Ghanaian electorate.

He took the opportunity to inform Ghanaians of his coming back to provide them with solutions to their problems ranging from dumsor, youth unemployment and falling health care standards.

The four time candidate said the ideas of the PNC had helped the country a great deal, and expressed the hope that the many problem-solving policies the PNC will be bringing out in the fullness of time as the country approached the 2016 election will give Ghanaians no reason not to have Dr Mahama as the next President.

He said Ghanaians were unaware of the desire PNC members had to see the party gain its rightful place of envy as the party had displayed highly democratic credentials in the Fourth Republic.

Source: GNA

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