Sanofi Ghana introduces new anti-hypertension drug

Black tonometer and heart isolated on whiteA leading pharmaceutical company, Sanofi Ghana, has introduced into the country, a fixed-dose combination treatment – a mixture of irbesartan and amlodipine – for the effective management of hypertension among patients.

Company officials guaranteed the potency of the combined medicines for the management of the condition and assured patients they would receive quality and affordable treatment solutions.

Speaking at the launch, Director of Medical and Regulatory Affairs at Sanofi Nigeria-Ghana, Dr Fifien Inoussa said the treatment was timely, in light of the high rate of deaths caused by hypertension.

He said more than nine million lives across the globe are lost each year from the condition and 28.3 per cent of Ghanaians are positive with the rate still climbing higher.

“People with uncontrolled hypertension are exposed to many complications including stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and problems with vision,” Dr Inoussa said.

He said the problem could be controlled by adopting healthy diets, changing lifestyle and in many cases, treating with medicines.

“This unique combination is the result of years of development, clinical studies and safety proofing. Introduction of Aprovasc is another example of Sanofi’s engagement to always provide advanced and innovative treatments in response to patients’ specific needs with the highest efficacy and comfort”, Abderrahmane chakibi, General Manager of Sanofi, Nigeria-Ghana said.

The use of fixed dose combination is a good alternative for patients whose blood pressure fails to lower even after persistent use of single drug regimen, and would help achieve reduction in long term risk of hypertension, cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

In Ghana, it is estimated that nearly 30 per cent of the urban population in adult aged 18 to 65 years may have hypertension.

Officials of Sanofi said the company would champion its access to healthcare ambitions with the opening of diabetes and hypertension clinics in partnership with health authorities, to deal with the situation.

Source: GNA

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