Parliament reconvenes, Speaker urges self-introspection

Doe Adjaho - Speaker
Doe Adjaho – Speaker

Parliament, on Tuesday, reconvened after a long–term break with the Speaker Edward Doe Adjaho, urging members to do a self-introspection, and be cautious with their engagements with the public to save the image of the House.

He observed that the House had attracted the displeasure the electorate and taken a lot of flak from the public lately because of how some members had conducted themselves.

Mr Adjaho said he was not happy with the uncomplimentary public remarks about the House, saying, “In recent times, Parliament has been at the receiving end of uncomplimentary public remarks.
“It is unfortunate this is happening at a time when Parliament has opened its doors to the public. We have to do a self-introspection to avoid these attacks. ”

He entreated the members to discharge their duties diligently; “To attend with punctuality to the business of the House, both at the plenary and committee levels because the meeting is going to be very hectic.”

According to the Speaker, the House approved an Office of Scrutiny, headed by an independent expert advisor to advise the House in the performance of its duties, adding that, the office would be functional by the end of the year.

Speaker Adjaho also informed the House that the Parliamentary Service Board had given the approval for the establishment of the Parliamentary Training Institute to facilitate professional and leadership training for members and staff of the House.
To this end, a steering committee is working to develop a curriculum for the Institute.

To improve security at the precincts of the House, Mr Adjaho announced that a fully functional Police station had been opened at the West Gate of the State House.

To the delight of the lawmakers, the Speaker announced that refurbished Job 600 Building was ready for occupation to enable them discharge their duties more effectively.

The House is scheduled to sit for 32 days during the meeting, which is the third, in the Third Session of the Sixth Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana.

The main item on the schedule is reading of the 2016 Financial and Budget Estimates for the Government.

The House would next week host the Speakers and Presiding Members conference of the Africa Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).

It is expected the House would consider some 25 bills during the meeting.

Source: GNA

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