AMA to congratulate mayor on successful demolition exercise that stopped Accra floods

Oko Vanderpuije - AMA boss
Oko Vanderpuije – AMA boss

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) is expected to issue a press statement in the coming days to formally congratulate the Lord Mayor of Accra, Hon Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, on what they describe as ‘the roaring success’ of the recent demolition exercise which prevented a disastrous flood on Friday.

‘The mayor has once and for all solved the annual flooding problem in Accra,’ a source at the AMA said, ‘and the heavy rain on Friday has provided evidence of the roaring success of the mayor’s demolition exercise, or vandalism, if that’s the term you prefer.’

The mayor himself was not available to answer questions from reporters, as he was busy paddling a quickly-built bamboo raft through the rain to the Ablekuma South constituency to campaign for his parliamentary bid.

However, officials at the Metro said that the mayor was ‘extremely happy’ that the heavy downpour did not interrupt the flow of business in the capital, and ‘only created small puddles in the street potholes,’ a situation which Hon Lord Vanderpuije is reported to have said was due to ‘the excellent demolition exercise’ he undertook a few months back.

‘As you can see for yourself, as a result of the demolition work that we undertook, no explosion occurred during the downpour, and not a single loss of life has been reported,’ the official said smugly, brimming with satisfaction.

Reporters who got to the AMA office on the Atta Mills Highway said they witnessed jubilant officials popping champagne, clinking glasses, and making toasts to the end of flooding in Accra.

‘Here’s to our Lord Mayor Oko Vanderpuije for successfully ending flooding in Accra,’ an official toasted, ‘we know Ibrahim Mahama would want to claim the credit for this because he did some small dredging in the Odaw River. We won’t allow him that privilege. God deserves the praise. But after giving God his due, all the credit and all the praises that remain belong to our Lord, the Mayor of all the Mayors in the world, and the Best Mayor in Africa, our own bearded boss!’

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