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Ghanaian invents solar generator

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SolarGodfred Biney, 48, a Ghanaian resident in the US has crafted a state-of-the art generator.

It is solar and said to be noiseless.

The generator was produced by Fenyi Renewable Energy Incorporated, said to be a green energy Company.

According to information gleaned from the Company’s website, ‘fenyire.com’ the generators are “powered by solar panels with sun track technology and a portable wind charger”.

The generators are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

The product dossier indicated that, because the product does not draw on finite resources to work, it is of huge environmental benefit and less expensive.

The suggestion is that other products are operationally heavily dependent on any of these; oil, coal and natural gas, which are limited.

Some of the high points of the product, besides being noiseless, are that it is indoor usage compliant, upgradable, has security cameras and pollution free, among others.

Mr Biney is product of the University of Cape Coast, where he studied Laboratory Technology and says he has 12 years experience as a research scientist.

He said he visited a rural US settlement not on the national grid, where he witnessed a member of the host family being bitten by a snake in the dark at night. This was the motivation for the invention.

The discovery’s propellant therefore was that needed for a cheap and user friendly power source, in camps and small settlements, Mr Biney stated.

He said that informed “our vision to build reliable, pollution free, noiseless, multiple power sources, and safe generators for home, business, and recreational purposes.

Mr Biney said the product in three models of 3,000 watts, 5,000 watts and 10,000 watts was yet to hit the market.

Source: GNA

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