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‘They can’t do me foko’ – Paul Afoko to NPP Disciplinary Committee

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Paul Afoko
Paul Afoko

NPP National Chairman, Paul Afoko, has sent a sweet, little love message to the NPP Disciplinary Committee after snubbing an invitation to appear before the body to be queried for misconduct.

‘Please tell them I said they can’t “do me” foko’, Mr Afoko told journalists who questioned him about his failure to honour the invitation of the Disciplinary Committee.

The NPP is engaging in as much in-fighting as it possibly can in order to increase its chances of winning back power from the NDC at the general elections next year.

‘I am only doing my bit to keep the NPP constantly in the news,’ the beleaguered Chairman said, ‘the government is hogging up all the media attention. As the chairman, I needed to do something desperate to also keep us in the news.’

Paul Afoko’s decision to get the police involved in internal party matters is said to have angered the elders of the party, especially after it emerged last week that the police has formed an elite unit highly skilled at enforcing submission using horse-whips.

However, President Mahama has called the incident involving the horse-whip-wielding police men ‘an unfortunate occurrence.’

‘Those were actually cattle-herders not police-men. There has been a terrible mix up,’ said the president, who said he suspected that this was probably the result of the recruitment scam which hit the police service earlier this year.

‘In the future, we will ensure that no cowboy enters into the Ghana Police Service again,’ the president promised.

Editor’s note: The ‘Inside the News by Mpakoo’ column which appears every Monday exclusively on ghanabusinessnews.com is satire.

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