DICs petition President for transitional period to Single Window System

destination-inspection-companiesSome Destination Inspection Companies (DICs) have petitioned the President to consider a transitional period for the handover to customs and final absorption of trained employees of the companies into the new scheme, which ends August 31.

The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) will from September 1, 2015, begin the implementation of the National Single Window system.

The system will serve as a common platform for stakeholders to process their documents to facilitate trade and reduce the cost and time in import, export and transit trade.

Under the Single Window, Customs will take over the classification and valuation function, which is currently being handled by the DICs.

Mr Carl Sowah, the leader of the Group, speaking at a press conference in Accra, appealed to the President to reflect on the immense contribution of DICs and consider a transition period during which a proper needs gap analysis, sensitisation and mop up plan would be drawn.

He said when this was considered, “it would ensure a smooth transition rather than an abrupt abrogation and final absorption of the many employees, who otherwise would be going home to do nothing.”

“About 15 years of investment and skills acquisition and knowledge will just go waste,” he added.

Mr Sowah said with the employment of over 500 people, the DICs have assisted in reducing the unemployment situation in the country and more importantly have contributed to the economy.

The Leader of the group said staff were of the view that the takeover of their job would impact them negatively, thereby affecting their families and dependents.

The DICs are made up of Bivac International, Gateway Service Limited, Inspection and Control Service, Ghana Link Network Services and Webb Fontaine Ghana.

Source: GNA

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