Intra-Africa trade central to continent’s development – Prof Lumumba

Prof. PLO Lumumba
Prof. PLO Lumumba

Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, Director of the Kenya School of Law has highlighted the need for Africa to improve intra-continental trade in the drive to achieve economic growth and prosperity.

Speaking on the theme “Governance: whither Africa” at a forum organized by the P. A. V. Ansah Foundation on Friday August 29, 2015, the outspoken Professor

said that intra-continental trade constitutes not more than 40 per cent of trade on the continent.

“There is shortage of maize in Zimbabwe as I speak but there is a surplus of maize in Uganda. You Ghanaians are importing milk from Switzerland and yet there is excess milk in Kenya and in Uganda”, he said.

The avid professor questioned why Africa still grows what it does not consume while consuming what it does not grow and lamented the African penchant for things not made in Africa, which permeates even into the arts and sciences.

“Our scientists are only happy when they’re recognized by the Nobel Foundation,” he said.

The former Director of the Kenya Anti-corruption Commission also questioned the increasing “dollarization” of African economics and said that many of the continent’s central banks were engaged in “voodoo economics”.

“We assume that by periodically injecting dollars in the market without the support of goods and services, the economy will grow – that is voodoo economics.”

Prof Patrick Lumumba said the monster of neo-colonialism, the latest chapter in the tragedy of Africa, is alive and well, being fed by Africa’s disunity, ignorance and the greed of its leaders.

He however said African development and leadership devoid of corruption is possible, citing Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

By Emmanuel Odonkor

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