Reports of Ghanaian youth joining IS should be of concern to Muslims – Imam Odoi

Abdur-Rashid Anyetei Odoi
Abdur-Rashid Anyetei Odoi

A Muslim thought leader and Acting Chief Imam of the La community in Accra, Abdur-Rashid Anyetei Odoi says reports of Ghanaian Muslim youth joining the Islamic State (IS) should be of concern to Muslims everywhere.

Speaking to on the phone in response to the developing story published by the ‘Daily Guide’ newspaper about 10 Ghanaian Muslim youth joining the IS, Imam Odoi said if what the Western media publishes about IS is anything to go by, then the group’s actions are at variance with the teachings of the Islamic holy book, the Quran, he therefore is surprised by the news.

“The Quran teaches Muslims to be at peace with people of other religions, Allah does not forbid Muslims to live at peace with people of other faiths. It is only when Muslims are at war, that they are required to defend themselves when they are attacked,” he said.

On the Muslim youths joining IS, Imam Odoi said, “I am baffled. IS is very close to us now.”

Asked what the Muslim leaders of Ghana have done as a precaution for such a possibility, the cleric noted that he has been doing his part to educate Muslim youth whenever he has the opportunity.

“I have been preaching against violence, and telling the youth what ventures they should channel their energies into,” he said.

The ‘Daily Guide’ today broke a story about 10 Ghanaian Muslim youth who have gone to join the IS.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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