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VRA says to add 260 megawatts of power by November

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ElectricityAs part of measures to provide stable and adequate power, the Volta River Authority (VRA) is to provide an additional installed capacity of 260 megawatts of power to the national grid by November.

Currently, the existing installed capacity of the Tema Thermal Power Complex is 350 megawatts and the dependable capacity is 300 megawatts, depending on the availability of fuel.

Mr Edward Ekow Obeng-Kenzo, Operations Manager, Tema Thermal Power Complex, told journalist during a media facility visit organised by the Authority that come November, 260 megawatts would be added.

The visit was to update the media and the public on the current plans and activities the VRA is undertaking to help provide stable and adequate power to resolve the energy crisis.

He said by 2019, the Authority would add a total capacity of 450 megawatts from the power complex, adding that VRA is planning and strategising to see how best to add more generation to the national grid.

He said the cost of the project was estimated at $40 million, which would be from internally generated funds from VRA in support of the project

At the Kpone Thermal Power Plants, Mr Francis Yaw Agbenyo, an official told journalists that the two plants currently under construction when completed would provide 220 megawatts of power, with a lifespan of 25 years with interception of maintenance in between, adding that “$200 million is being used to fund the project”.

Currently, the retrofit exercise at the Kpong generation station at Akuse is 53 per cent.

The exercise is to ensure reliability of power generation in the next 34 years.

He said the project funded by the Alliance Francaise de Development and is estimated at $46 million.

Mr Ebo Amoah, Manager in Charge Electricals, Hydro Generation Station, Akosombo told the GNA that the water level in the dam has dropped significantly.

“Once the water levels are dropping, we are likely to reduce power generation,” he added.

He said when the water levels go down, the dam could not run all the machines at a certain point, saying engineers have put in a request notification for the shutdown of three turbines of the dam, due to the considerable drop in the water level at Akosombo.

He said currently the dam is running on five turbines, instead of six with a total of 636 megawatts of electricity.

Mr Samuel Fletcher, Corporate Communications Manager, VRA said it is important the country gets out of the energy crisis, since it runs down the economy.

He said the Authority is working very hard with the initiation of these projects to solve the current difficulties.

Source: GNA

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