Vice-President’s wife apologises over Kukurantumi comments

Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur
Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur

The Second Lady, Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur has apologized to Ghanaians for a comment that she thought was intended to encourage the community participation in the Kukurantumi basic school.

Speaking at the 40th Anniversary of the Jack and Jill School in Cantonment, the Second Lady asked for permission to touch on the issue that has been in the news for some days now in the country.

Mrs Amissah Arthur explained that last Wednesday, she went to Kukurentumi to make a presentation of five computers and about 500 books to the Presbyterian Basic School upon a request she received from some friends.

She said for the past five years she has been helping various deprived schools in her own small way by making donations to them.

She said she was taken aback when the headmistress of the Presbyterian Basic School asked for chalk.

Mrs Amissah Arthur said her response was intended to encourage community participation in schools unfortunately it did not go down well with Ghanaians. She is therefore very sorry for what happened that day.

Mrs Amissah Arthur’s, Humanitarian work shows her deep commitment to improve conditions in deprive communities.

Her advocacy and philanthropic works in education, particularly for children, cuts across the entire nation.

So far she has championed the construction of schools, libraries and ICT centers to virtually all the regions in Ghana.

She has also made donations to some schools including Agona Duakwa Islamic Basic School, Agona Kwanyarko Anglican Basic School all in the Agona East district.

She has also donated educational materials to the Afranse D A  Basic School and the Pomadze D A Basic School in Gomoa Central District , Oguaa Football for Hope Centre in Cape Coast and the donation of reading materials to the Shama Library in the Shama District.

Besides, she inaugurated an Information and Communication Technology and Teachers Resource Centre for the people of Lower Bobikuma; inauguration of a 30-million dollar computer laboratory for PLAY Soccer Ghana, a FIFA project based in Cape Coast, that uses football and ICT to prepare children under nine years for football and leadership purposes among others.

Source: GNA

  1. Ama says

    Madam 2nd lady stop justifyin ur Actions bcos if the provision of chalks is the responsibility of the teacher then all professional individuals servings in the country should provide the necessary tools for their jobs. Eg Soldiers should provide guns and Amnitions themselves, nurses and Doctors should provide basic nursing tools themselves to take care of their patients.# word

  2. sarah says

    Shes a very rude and uncouth,typical example of why some men feels all women should end up in the kitchen.

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