Greater Accra Region signs performance contract with MMCE’s and MMDCE’s

ContractThe Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council has signed a performance contract with the Metropolitan and Municipal Chief Executives(MMCE’s) and the Metropolitan Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCE’s).

The performance contract is to enable the MMCE’s and MMDCE’s to exhibit some level of seriousness and dedication to the performance of their duties for the development of their respective communities.

Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo, the Greater Accra Regional Minister, said the contract has been an integral part of the human resource service of the region.

He said it would enable them to achieve their targets within a given time frame, adding that, the success of the contract depends on effectiveness and efficiency of both staff and directors.

He said “where the staffs carry out their duties properly, adequate resources provided, capacity gaps are identified and bridged, and outstanding performances are identified and rewarded, success would be achieved.”

Nii Agbo said the contract was a mutual agreement by all stakeholders involved and it is important for the MMDCE’s and MMCE’s to put in their best to achieve success.

He noted that although there would be challenges along the line of implementation, the ability of the assemblies to withstand them would make the contract successful.

He expressed the hope that the document would instill some level of discipline in personnel and urged them to attach some seriousness and dedication in achieving the utmost success of the contact.

Mr Calistus Mahama, Head of Service, Local Government said it is the responsibility of the MMCE’s and MMDCE’s to ensure that the contract is successful, and that, they also have the responsibility to work to the satisfaction of the public.

He said they need to work towards changing the perception of the public about the assemblies and as such it was important for them to engage the public in the implementation of the contract.

Mr Mahama said the MMCE’s and MMDCE’s must show interest in the service delivery of the staff and supervise them effectively to enable them to achieve their targets.

He noted that the Human Resources Management part of the contract is to ensure that, there is effective monitoring and evaluation of the performance of each and every assembly, adding that, it would assist and enable them to carry out their duties at the assemblies.

Source: GNA

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