Advertiser’s Announcement: ‘Hope on the Canal Charity Get-Togeteher’

Hope on the CanalHeavy rains have become a constant threat to human lives and property within the Accra Metropolis, this often results in a battle between man and nature for restoration of life, belongings and sanity.

Madam Meymouna and her two daughters serve breakfast to one of the communities along the Odaw canal in the North Industrial Area of Avenor, one of the worst affected areas by the recent floods.

After one of such heavy rains that covered the entire neighborhood in floods of water almost neck deep, the kiosk in which Madam Meymouna used as storage and sometimes doubled as a sleeping place was overturned by the floods, and all she had in there washed away including her stock of millet and charcoal. The shed she had constructed for people to sit and have breakfast was also totally damaged by the floods leaving her with losses in thousands of Ghana Cedis. The little Koko venture that Maymouna runs with her two adolescent daughters is a hand-to mouth endeavor that keeps her and her family going; by providing breakfast for the community she is also able to maintain her life, pay school fees etc, – more like a symbiotic relationship. It’s not something that really brings her profit. She sometimes even feeds certain inhabitants of the community free of charge, not once but many times. It turns out, as a matter of fact, that Maymouna is not the only mother in that community left with losses and damages to repair. Over 20 of such cases are readily identified in that community alone. One thing is true, that it is definitely going to be an uphill for these mothers and their children getting back to normal life.

‘Hope on The Canal Charity Get-Together’ is an effort to mend broken spirits and restore hope in the lives of these mothers and children living in the flood ravaged community of Avenor North Industrial Area along the Odaw Canal. As part of this healing process, ‘Hope on the Canal Charity Get-Together’ will combine the help of a music therapist and a poet to interact (fellowship) together with the community in songs and share words of hope, around a grand piano.

The grand piano will be set in the ruins of the flood as a mark of beauty and a sign of hope of restoration. When there has been an exchange or if you will communion of songs and uplifting words, then gifts and items will be donated to the mothers and their children. Poet and Artist DK Osei-Yaw and his team are behind the organization of the effort and are being aided by the Music Therapists Association of Ghana (MTAG) whose services will be engaged for the effort.

‘Hope on The Canal Charity Get – Together’ is accepting donations from the public in both monetary and in the form of clothing, food items and etc. for the charity event slated for July 25, 2015.

This is how you can give:

1. Send all donations personally to DK Osei-Yaw at the Pictorialist Studios at Osu Danquah Circle next to Palace Pharmacy.

2. Or you can pay monetary donations directly into the STANDARD CHARTERED BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0150435579500.

For more information contact DK Osei-Yaw on +233 (0) 20 197 9550 or email: [email protected].

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