Ministerial Committee on Goil station fire disaster invites public

Burnt out vehicles at the GOIL filling station
Burnt out vehicles at the GOIL filling station

The Ministerial Committee investigating the June 3 fuel station disaster at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra has commenced sitting at Ghana National Fire Service Headquarters.

A statement, issued by the Committee on Thursday  by the Chairman Justice Isaac D. Duose, retired Appeal Court  invited the public to share observations, useful information and contributions to assist them with their investigation.

The statement said the Committee would sit from 1030 hours to 1430 hours on Mondays to Thursdays.

The Committee, inaugurated on Tuesday, June 16 by Mr Mark Woyongo, Minister of the Interior, is to investigate the possible causes of the fire disaster, assess the cost of damage, and make recommendations on the prevention of its recurrence.

The Committee, which is to submit its report on Tuesday, June 30.

The other members are Colonel Mohammed Mustapha, Director at the Ghana Armed Forces; Deputy Chief Fire Officer William J. Mensah (Director of Operations); Chief Superintendent Raymond Simpi, Director of Crime Scene of the Ghana Police Service; with Mr Wise Ametepe, a hydrologist consultant and Chairman of the Hydromet Committee, as Advisor.

Source: GNA

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