GOIL pledges to compensate families of fire victims

GOILThe Board and Management of Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL), Friday, expressing condolences to the victims and families of the Circle Filling Station fire disaster, said the company would conduct its own investigations alongside the national one.

An official statement copied to the Ghana News Agency said the board and management of the company would announce in due cause a package for the affected families.

Signed by its Managing Director, Mr Patrick Kwame Akpe Akorli, the statement said: “The management and board will support national investigative bodies to unravel the cause of the disaster whilst also instituting administrative inquisition.

The statement said GOIL had classified the Circle Filling Station disaster as a case study for the company’s health and safety officials to analyse and come out with new measures to protect lives of staff, communities we serve and property”.

GOIL said: “We are shocked by the magnitude of the disaster, the number of lives lost, the scores who got injured as well as the number of properties destroyed.

“Our heart-felt condolences go to all Ghanaians who might have been affected in any way in this unimaginable disaster”.

The company, therefore, called for national prayers for the bereaved families and the nation.

“This is a moment for demonstrating national unity and solidarity to ensure that we bear the impact of the loss together; lost lives can never be regained but together we can reduce the impact on specific families,” the statement said.

The statement said: “GOIL safety inspectors will intensify the periodic audit of our retail stations throughout our network to identify hazards and subsequently rectify them to reduce the potential risk associated.”

It also assured the motoring public to continue to transact business with GOIL Filling Stations.

GOIL commended President John Dramani Mahama for his prompt action by visiting the disaster zone; as well as heads of political parties for the solidarity, and the security services for intervention to save lives and properties.

“We also acknowledge contribution of our health professionals, the media, the National Disaster Management Organisation and the general public for total support,” the statement said.

The Management stated that; “At GOIL, safety will continue to be the core value. The safety of our workforce and nearby communities is at the fore-front of every decision we make.

“Through our management framework, we monitor, and measure every aspect of safety. Our goal still remains no harm to life and property”.

The Circle Filling Station disaster is an “unpredictable and unfortunate disaster,” but said: “ We want to assure all that our retail stations are safe”.

Source: GNA

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