Ghanaians told to expect more rains during the week

Scene at a house in Accra after rains
Scene at a house in Accra after rains

The southern part of Ghana would experience scattered thunderstorms and rain showers during the early part of the week.

From the middle of the week to the weekend, however, most parts of the country and the Northern sector,  as well, are expected to be affected.

Mr. Michael Padi, Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Kotoka International Airport, made these disclosures to the Ghana News Agency in an interview.

In brief comments on rainfall patterns over the past week, May 25 to 31, Mr Padi saidthere had been a slight reduction in the amount of rainfall.

He said isolated cases of rain were recorded during the early part of the week, then widespread during the middle of the week, and scattered during the weekend.

“However, all the sectors of the country benefited from the distribution,” said the meteorologist.

Mr. Padi said the highest cumulative rainfall amounts for the past week were: Takoradi; 70.5 mm for 4 rainy days, Accra; 61.5mm for 3 rainy days and Abetifi; 36.3 mm for two rainy days.

Touching on the present week, June 1 to 7, he said, while the southern part of the country experienced scattered rain showers and thunderstorms earlier in the week, most parts of the country and the northern sector would experience heavy rainfall from the middle of the week to the weekend.

The senior meteorologist said the present weather determinants, meteorologically termed “weather systems,” generated a lot of moisture into the atmosphere, which equally resulted in rainfall.

He gave some rainfall statistics for yesterday, Tuesday, June 2 down pour as Ada-141.5millimeters (mm), Tema-142.3mm, Accra-35.2mm and Saltpond-67.4mm.

Mr. Padi gave the rest as Takoradi-1.7mm, Akatsi-7.3mm and Akuse-4.3mm.

He said later in the night of the same day, a rainstorm over the mid-sector of the country, resulted in the following readings; Koforidua-4.0mm, Akim Oda-18.1mm, Ho-52.0mm and Abetifi-60.7mm.

The rest were Kumasi- 76.2mm, Takoradi- 44.2mm, Axim- 88.3mm and Ada- 116.5mm.

Source: GNA

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