Accurate measurement essential to oil and gas industry – Executive Director

OilAccurate measurement is essential to all, if Ghana is to maximise her expected income from the oil and gas industry, Mr George Crentsil, Executive Director of Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has said.

He noted that from the oil well, through the pipelines, to tankers and into the terminals and refineries, the flow of oil and gas products need to be measured accurately to ensure value for money.

“This therefore gives GSA a crucial role to play in ensuring that the quantity of oil being drilled and sent out truly reflects the quantity declared and this will help Ghana save money for the economy.”

Mr Crentsil said this when GSA celebrated this year’s World Metrology Day on the theme: “Measurements and Light,” to align with the international year of light and light-based technologies proclaimed by the General Assembly of the UN and organised by UNESCO.

He explained that the science of measurement, referred to as metrology is very crucial to all transactions and deliberations in life since the modern world now depends on consistent, accurate measurement.

Metrology, he noted plays a critical role in the application of light based technologies since light is at the heart of many of most important new elements of leading-edge measurement technologies.

Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Minister of Trade and Industry in a speech read on his behalf acknowledged the fact that metrology is important for socio-economic development and called on GSA and stakeholders to ensure that metering systems in the country measure accurately to give the expected satisfaction to consumers.

Source: GNA

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