Diamond Capital Ltd dissociates itself from DKM Diamond

DKMThe Board of Directors and Management of Diamond Capital Limited and DCI Microfinance Ltd wish to dissociate the companies from a company called DKM Diamond Microfinance which is headquartered in Sunyani.

DKM Diamond Microfinance operating in Sunyani was on Tuesday, May 12, sanctioned by the Bank of Ghana for operating illegally.

A statement issued in Accra by the Diamond Capital Microfinance Ltd signed by Mr Selasie Woanyah, Managing Director, said: “The Diamond Capital Microfinance Limited is an Accra-based entity licensed by the Bank of Ghana in October 2012 and currently operates only in the city of Accra at its approved Head Office at Asylum Down and two other branches at Abossey Okai and GB Ollivant Arcade in the Central Business District of Accra”.

“We wish to state that Diamond Capital Microfinance Limited has no legal or commercial relationship whatsoever with DKM Microfinance Limited in Sunyani.  In addition, Diamond Capital Microfinance has never, at any point in the past or present, had any legal or commercial relationship with DKM Microfinance Limited.

“We wish to assure our cherished customers and the general public that Diamond Capital Microfinance has not been sanctioned by the Bank of Ghana or the Financial Intelligence Centre and continues to provide its services in the safe, secure and professional manner which has become the hallmark of our company and a reference point for the entire non-bank financial services industry,” the statement said.

Source: GNA

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