Ghana tailors and dressmakers urged to infiltrate world market

DressmakerMr Eric Tsikata, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tsi K. Art Enterprise and Tsi K. Wellness and Beauty Tour, has urged  dressmakers and tailors,  to take advantage of the changing trends in the fashion industry for Ghana to benefit from the huge investment in that industry.

He said the fashion industry was among the fast-growing and valued industries in the world, and Ghana had the potential to benefit from the huge investment in that industry.

Mr Tsikata was speaking at a sensitization seminar organized by his organization in collaboration with the Eastern Regional branch of the Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association, for selected members of the Association in the New Juaben Municipality at Asokore.

He urged the members to take advantage of the least opportunity to market their products in order to attract markets outside the country.

He suggested that a group of tailors and dressmakers could come together to raise funds to acquire a stand to exhibit their products at the various international trade fairs organized in the country.

Mr Tsikata advised tailors and dressmakers to attach boutiques to their shops where they could exhibit their products to attract customers.

He urged them to learn and adopt good customer care, reminding them that many big fashion industries started in a very small way just as the current tailors and dressmakers in the country, but with determination and good practices, they were able to rise to their current levels

Mr Tsikata said many well established boutiques in the country were currently importing greater parts of their products from companies outside.

He advised tailors and dressmakers who had access to the internet on their mobile phones to use them to learn about new cuttings and dresses in the world.

Source: GNA

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