Ban on noise making in Osu Traditional Area starts May 15

NoiseThe Osu Traditional Council, has announced that the ban on drumming and noise making in the Traditional Area would begin on Friday, May 15.

Making the announcement at a news conference in Osu, on Wednesday, on behalf of the Council, Nuumo Gbelenfo III, Osu Gua Wulomo said the ban would last for three weeks.

He called on all residents in the area to abide by the directive for a peaceful co-existence.

He said anyone found flouting the directives of the Council would be dealt with according to the culture and tradition of the people.

The Gua Wulomo explained that for businesses to operate in the area power generator users would be exempted because the “Dumsor” had come to be with the citizens.

Nii Kwabena Bonne V, Osu Alata Mantse pleaded with the people to cooperate with the traditional leaders in the course of the ban and that no one should do anything untoward to raise the wrath of the Council.

The custom precedes the Homowo festival of the Ga people of the Greater Accra and the first rite “Nmaa dumo” would be performed on Saturday, May 16.

Source: GNA

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