Controller and Accountant General’s Department cleans mechanized payroll

Accountant-general'sA comprehensive work plan for cleaning the payroll data on the mechanized payroll has been developed, Madam Grace Adzroe, Controller and Accountant-General,said on Friday.

The plan, she said, has been endorsed by the Inter-ministerial Committee on payroll and approved by Cabinet.

Madam Adzroe who disclosed this at the Second National Forum on the implementation of the SSPP, said the work plan which was being implemented,  involved  measures including the integration of payroll data with Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) Biometric database as a means of ensuring single identity of employees on the payroll.

She said the measures would include the use of the current biometric database to validate the identity of employees and suspension of salaries of employees with zero bank accounts in the payroll system,  as well as the suspension of employees without SSNIT numbers.

Madam Adzroe said plans have been concluded with the Ghana Interbank Payment Settlement System (GHIPSS) for payment of salaries through the E-switch system.

She said currently, the Controller and the Accountant-General Department (CAGD) was conducting headcount in collaboration with the Internal Audit Agency.

Madam Adzroe said system controls on data entry minimized data entry errors,  and ensured integrity of data, adding that  currently entry controls were available on the CACD’s payroll system.

She said these would be strictly enforced,  as the data was cleaned to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the data and its logical sequencing.

Madam Adzroe said the CACD and the Ministry of Finance were currently working to clean the payroll data,  and enforce system controls.

She said as at the end of March this year, 93 per cent of employees on the mechanized payroll had registered for the E-pays slip and could assess their pay slips electronically.

Madam Adzroe said the feedback system on the E-pay slip had minimized complainants of employees through the media.

She urged managers to take keen interest in payroll cost, and appealed to employees on the mechanized payroll to update their data on the payroll.

Madam Adzroe said sanctions would be applied to managers who failed to validate monthly salary vouchers of their employees.

Source: GNA

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