Media asked to include women in fighting issues

WomenMs Alana Baron, Programme Manager of the International Women Media Foundation (IWMF), has urged media companies to promote gender equity within the media organizational structure, to include women in the fight against their issues in society.

Ms Baron made the call when she briefed 10 African journalists on a Press Freedom and Press Security programme in Washington DC, being organized by the United State Department’

She said a study conducted by the International Women Media Foundation (IWMF) from year 2008 to 2010 showed that women were being undermined in the practice of journalism.

Ms Baron stated that the free flow of information was an essential ingredient of open and democratic society, and pointed out that there could be no freedom of the press until women had equal voice in news gathering and the news determination process.

The IWMF global report in the statues of women seeks to fill the gap by presenting more women on gender positions in news organization around the world,

She spoke against the attacks of women journalists in society, adding that women who contributed to half of the world population must be given equal opportunities at all levels.

Ms Baron said more than 500 media companies examined in about 60 countries showed that men occupied the vast majority of management jobs an news gathering position in most nations.

The research also showed that 73 percent of top management jobs were occupied by men, compared to 27 percent occupied by women.

Ms Baron said among the ranks of reporters, men hoed nearly two-thirds of the jobs, as compared to women, adding that about 41 percent of women were in the fields of news gathering, editing and writing jobs.

She called for measures by the media to improve the statues of women to enable them advance in both decision-making roles and supervisory local roles, adding that men and women must participate equally in making and sharing news and the coverage of issues.

Source: GNA

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