Karpowership commits to deliver powerships to Ghana

Karpowership2Karpowership, the Turkish floating Powership Maker, says it would go all the way to ensure that Ghana overcomes the current electricity power challenges by building the infrastructure for its medium to long-term electricity supply needs.

Re-affirming the commitment, Mr Patrick O’Driscoll, Sales Director, said the company would help bridge the gap between where Ghana’s electricity supply is vis-a-vis demand as well as meet future needs.

“We will be there to help until such a time government is able to build its medium to long-term electricity infrastructure and then we will move on to countries, which might also need to bridge the gap,” O’Driscoll told journalists on visit to the shipyard in Istanbul, Turkey.

Karpowership and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in June signed a Power Purchase Agreement for the provision of 450 MW of electric power through the supply of two 225 MW powerships.

The first is to be delivered in 215 days after the financial closure while the second is to be completed in 365 days.

However, Mr O’Driscoll said because of the dire need for electric power, the company is speeding up the process of construction to deliver the powerships earlier than contracted to lessen the burden of Ghanaians, especially industry.

“If you look at construction today it is sitting around 80 per cent. The superstructure is built and in place. There is small amount of work needed to be done on the vessel prior to its sailing away,” he said.

He said the company is sure that it would get the powership operational ahead of the contractual deadline to help alleviate the plight of industries and households.

“The first powership arrival and operation will be in approximately 150 days around September and the second Powership will be thereafter.

“Both powerships contracts are effective. We are in the process now of preparing the grounds at the sites both at Takoradi and Tema for the arrival of the powerships,” Mr O’Driscoll said.

On the supply of an interim 120MW powership, Mr O’Driscoll said the company is continuously building powerships and there is one available now to meet the immediate needs of Ghana.

“We are building powerships continuously and the interim powerships could be delivered within 120 days by August and that is a discussion ongoing between the customer and the company,” he said.

“However, If ECG feels it doesn’t want the 120MW it doesn’t get delivered. The 120MW is an offer, which can help alleviate current power situation in Ghana if it is needed. It is ready and can assist until the second 225MW powership is delivered.

Mr O’Driscoll said talks are ongoing with ECG on a daily and weekly basis, adding that the 120MW powership would not be at any extra cost to ECG but within the bounds of the current contract.

“We are on course in delivering on our commitment,” he added.

Source: GNA

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