Males will outnumber females in Ashanti by 2020 – Registry

WomenStatistics made available to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi from the Births and Deaths Registry in Ashanti over the last two years indicates a reversal of female dominance in the Region’s population by the year 2020.

The figure released by Mr. Nicholas Osei-Bonsu, the Deputy Ashanti Regional Director of Births and Deaths Registry indicated a consistent rise in male births from year 2013 to the first three months of this year, contrary to former years.

He stated that registration of old births, that is from one year after birth to 60 years, also show the same trend.

Giving the figures of new births in year 2013, he said the Registry recorded a total of 90,237 new births out of which 46,093 were males and 44,144 females.

The picture was not different in 2014 during which a total of 95,120 new births were recorded out of which 48,542 were males and 46,528, females.

Though there was a marginal increase indicating a difference of six in total female births in the first three months of the current year, Mr. Osei-Bonsu still believes scientific projections can confirm the trend.

He gave the total figures from January to March this year as 8,556 new births out of which 4,275 were males and 4,281 were females.

“If this trend should continue, males will be more than females in the country by 2020”, he added.

The figures for old births registration from one year and above for 2013 also stood at 43,796 for males whilst 30,854 were females. In 2014, 43,833 were males and 32,172 females. The first three months of the current year – from January to March, recorded 11,008 males and 8,883 females.

He stated that although there were records of deaths, it affected the trend in no way.

Source: GNA

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