We never manipulated election results – Students

University of GhanaMr Reginald Arthur, President of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) has denied he assisted in manipulating the election results of the University of Ghana‘s (UG) Students Representative Council elections.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Mr Arthur also denied bribing Mr Stephen Forson, the owner of the software used in the elections, to manipulate the software to favour one of the presidential candidates in the SRC elections.

Recent developments in the just-ended SRC elections on the University of Ghana campus has it that Mr Stephen Forson, the gentleman behind the alleged manipulation of the software used in the elections, has indicted the “sitting GRASAG President” of assisting the incumbent UG-SRC President in allegedly bribing he, Mr Forson, to manipulate the software to favour one of the presidential candidates who contested in the SRC election.

“I, Reginald Arthur, the “Sitting GRASAG President” of the University of Ghana has at no point in time met Mr Forson to bribe him. I consider the statements made by Mr Forson  as misleading and one simply aimed at defaming the hard won reputation of innocent student leaders in a bid to divert attention about his predicaments.

I, therefore, disassociate myself from the statements of Mr Forson and ask all students, particularly post graduate students of the University of Ghana, to treat Mr Forson’s remarks as untrue and a blatant concealment of the substance of the case of an alleged manipulation of the software used for the UG-SRC elections.

In another development, Mr Joshua Dogbey, President of the UG’s SRC, has also denied his involvement in the scandal saying he never bribed anybody before or after the elections.

Mr Dogbey, who accompanied Mr Arthur, insisted, “I have never tried bribing Mr Forson and I have never visited his house. My only interactions with him had been administrative and I know with time I will be vindicated’.

I still insist that the process of the SRC Judicial board should be allowed to continue for the candidates involved to prove whether the just-ended elections were free and fair or not.

There should not be any attempt by some people to run away from the substance of the issue at court, that is, whether the election results were manipulated or not, he added.

Source: GNA

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