Ghana government urged to prevent labour export

JobsMr Jones Owusu Yeboah, the Chief Executive Officer of SEWA Foundation, a non governmental organisation campaigning against human trafficking, has appealed to government to prevent labour export from the country.

He also called for the rescue of Ghanaians suffering in Arabian countries.

Mr Yeboah, who spoke with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Thursday, said unscrupulous persons and companies were going round the country using export of labour to perpetrate human trafficking.

He said many Ghanaians had fallen victims to those people and were suffering in countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Libya, wishing to return home.

Mr Yeboah said a research by the Foundation revealed that the victims were promised  job opportunities in those countries but they ended up serving like slaves.

“Meanwhile the connection men who lured them and took huge sums of monies are freely going about their businesses,” he said.

He said the situation of Ghanaians in those countries were dehumanising and
cautioned Ghanaians to hasten slowly in their effort to seek greener pastures abroad as that had been the bait used by labour exporters.

Mr Yaboah called for an end to the “labour export or visa 2020” to the Arabian countries adding that a serious fight must be waged to eliminate human trafficking.

He pleaded with the Ghana Police Service Human Trafficking Unit to be on the alert to help arrest the perpetrators of the act.

The CEO expressed gratitude to the Ghana Immigration Service for helping to fight human trafficking.

Source: GNA

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