ECG says estimated bills are illegal

ECGThe Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), says electricity bills calculated on estimates are wrong and urged the public to report to the company if they receive such bills.

Mr Kwabena Mensah, District Manager of the Dodowa Branch of the ECG explained that usually when people receive new meters it takes about two to three months to reconcile the real consumption.

He therefore called on the public to report to the customer service points whenever they have problems with their bills.

Mr Mensah was speaking to the Ghana News Agency at Dodowa when a number of residents of Salem Estate in the municipality who have had problems with their bills and meter approached the office for explanation.

He said: “It is wrong for someone to continue receiving estimated bills even when meter readers come to their house every time to take their consumption,” in response to a resident who said he had been receiving estimated bills for two years.

Mr Mensah explained that estimated bills are given when meter readers are not able to get access to the house or when there are faulty meters which should be replaced.

He said the ECG value their customers and would not do anything that makes them uncomfortable.

The residents complained of receiving huge estimated bills coupled with threats of being disconnected if they fail to pay.

Mr Mensah said some of those people who go round may not be ECG staff and urged the public not to hesitate to contact the customer service for any clarifications they have concerning their bills.

Source: GNA

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