We won’t compromise on food safety – FDA

FDAThe Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), has assured consumers  that it would not compromise food safety for economic gains.

Mr Kofi Essel, Head of Animal and Food Safety Management at FDA , said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

He stated that the FDA would protect retailers and consumers from being coerced into buying products which did not bear production and expiry dates.

This is at a time when some traders in chicken products are reported to be complaining about the Ghana Broiler Revitalization Project (GHABROP) chicken which bears no production and expiry dates.

They alleged that they were being forced to purchase the products before permits were issued to them to clear their goods at the Ports.

According to Mr Essel, local manufacturers and producers could not violate the regulations under the pretext of promoting ‘Made in Ghana’ goods.

He said the FDA would endeavour to detain products without production and expiry dates on them, adding that, “It is a violation of our rules and regulations covering food safety in the country.”

Mr Essel explained that products which bear no production and expiry dates do not qualify to be brought onto the market.

He emphasized that basic information,  such as the type of product, dates, net weight, batch code, packaging and storage duration as well as cold condition,  should be provided on every product on the market.

Source: GNA

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