Coconut oil prevents, manages diabetes – Scientist

Cocnut oilDr Kaku Kyiamah a Scientist has recommended virgin coconut oil as an edible oil to prevent and manage diabetes.

Other suitable edible oils to prevent diabetes include organic mammalian butter and fat, virgin palm oil, virgin olive oil, palm kernel oil, cocoa butter and shea butter.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview, Dr Kyiamah explained that virgin coconut oil could be used to manage diabetes within six weeks and manage most cancers, sores and asthma conditions.

He noted that with the onset of diabetes, any food item that contained processed unsaturated vegetable oil and fish oil should be avoided and eliminated from the diet.

“It is now known that fat is needed by the cells for maintaining good health. Actually fat is essential for survival. Herbivore mammals do not eat fat. They ferment the ingested grass in their first stomach to produce acetic acid which is used to naturally make the suitable fat, i.e. saturated and mono unsaturated fatty acids (no poly unsaturated fatty acids), required by the cells”.

Diabetes, he said, was a disease which affected the body’s ability to use glucose for energy and when diagnosed, the blood sugar level was monitored very often.

Whereas medication and insulin were used to lower blood glucose levels as much as possible, lifestyle changes are also recommended to help minimize complications such as heart attack, stroke, limb loss, kidney damage, blindness and depression.

The conventional lifestyle changes often recommended were Low-fat and high-fiber diet, minimizing simple and processed sugars, exercising and maintenance of a healthy weight.

“Various supplements, mainly antioxidants with the aim to stabilize cell membranes, are often recommended by the healthcare provider”, he added.

Dr Kyiamah advocated that virgin coconut oil diet be included in a diabetic medication protocol, to help normalize the glucose level.

“Prescription medications may need to be decreased in dose, or sometimes even eliminated. Therefore, reliable and regular testing of glucose levels, accurate recording and frequent communication with the medical care team is recommended”.

Source: GNA

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