Winner takes all governance, not helpful to Ghana – Priest

VoteThe Very Reverend Peter Yaw Acheampong, Superintendent Minister of the Berekum Circuit of the Methodist Church, Ghana, said the winner takes all governance was hampering national cohesion and development.

He said the prevailing political system in Ghana placed much emphasis and focus on partisanship instead of patriotism.

Very Rev Acheampong, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency at Berekum at the weekend, said the situation where a political party governed alone after winning a general election, created crude ways of conducting and winning polls.

He said this had been a bane in the Ghanaian political terrain since independence.

“Our system of governance is flout with partisanship and this is not helping us as a nation. People tend to be more concerned with the party than the nation, while those in opposition sit back without offering any constructive alternatives and this is not helpful to Ghana at all,” he said.

He said successive political parties abandoned initiated projects of previous ones, thus sending the nation backwards in its development efforts.

Very Rev. Acheampong, who is also the Chairman of the Berekum Local Council of Churches and Assistant Synod Secretary of the Sunyani Diocese of the Methodist Church of Ghana, urged Ghanaian Think–Tanks to critically examine the situation and come out with some workable solutions to save the nation from the unfavorable system of governance.

He said there were equally great and competent men and women in various political parties, but sadly, because they did not belong to the winning or ruling political party, their expertise, which could be tapped to enrich the nation, were left to waste.

He seized the opportunity to encourage Ghanaians that all was not lost yet,adding; “we should sit up and work hard in the fear of God, to make Ghana the best place to be.”

Source: GNA

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