Transport Ministry and Shippers Authority to deepen Education on ASHI

ImportsThe Ministry of Transport and the Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) is undertaking stakeholders’ education to deepen understanding of the Advanced Shipment Information System (ASHI), which implementation begins in April.

The Transport Minister, Mrs Dzifa Aku Attivor, said education was necessary to enhance the knowledge of stakeholders about how the system operates.

She was speaking during a courtesy call on her by a delegation from the Union of African Shippers’ Councils (UASC), led by its Secretary General, Mr Adamou Saley Abdourahamane.

The ASHI is an electronic platform by which relevant shipment information is received in advance of a vessel’s arrival to facilitate pre-arrival clearance processes.

Mrs Attivor said implementation of ASHI had delayed because most members were not well informed, about the system, necessitating a shift in the implementation date to April next month, within which time we will be able to educate them to be comfortable with the implementation of ASHI.

“There is a lot of misinformation in the system about the programme hence the need to embark on consultation and education to allay the fears of shippers and the general public,” she said.

The Sector Minister said the security aspect of the system should be of concern to stakeholders as that could help nip in the bud the importation of manner of goods and services into the country.

Mr Abdourahamane said it was important all member countries of the union implemented the system in their respective countries since it would help harmonise the rules and regulations among member countries of the Maritime Organisation for West and Central Africa (MOWCA).

He said the implementation of ASHI is a recommendation adopted by the Maritime Organisation for West and Central Africa (MOWCA), comprising 17 West and Central African states.

So far 15 countries out of the 17 are implementing the ASHI except Ghana and Mali.

The Authority said the implementation of the system would cut down demurrage and reduce rent, the two major problems affecting shippers.

Also, the implementation of the system would not bring any additional documentation and cost to importers.

So far over 1,896 persons abroad have registered to use the ASHI to do business.

Source: GNA

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  1. KWAKU says

    The assertion that ASHI when implemented will reduce both demurrage and rent charges at the ports is very unfortunate since those making those statements lack knowledge in the industry. They are only saying such things to win the sympathy of the ministry for the blunder they have caused for contracting ANTASER without broader consultations from the all stake holders. Let us note that GSA have nothing to lose since their interest is in the commissions they stand to reap from the contract. Hitherto GSA have collected very huge sums of dues from the business without any tangible work. This the time to demand accountability from the GSA. Of all the countries practicing ASHI, how many are practicing destination inspection? Was it a requirement by WTO or from an institution which have failed to leave up to expectation and have deviated from her core mandate? ASHI will add more cost to doing business and further delay the time of clearing. Why is GSA running from meeting all state holders on a common platform, instead they are meeting only selected few who they know can influence them with lots of sweet talks. The government must be very wise to listen to the cry of the teaming businessmen and women because the repercussions will be enormous.

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