Kpone youths want free electricity

electricityThe Concerned Youth of Kpone has called on the government to provide Kpone with free electricity as a benefit for hosting the Sunon Asogli Power Plant in the town.

They indicated that they could not fathom why Kpone was not enjoying daily electricity even though their land was hosting the independent power producer.

“We believe Akuse enjoys 24/7 electricity because it houses the Akuse Power Plant and Bui, because it is home to the Bui Dam with its natives enjoying free electricity”.

Mr Samuel Nii Noye Agyemang, the Chairman of the Concerned Youth of Kpone, in a petition said “what is good for the goose is good for the gender, we want Kpone to be treated as such”.

Mr Agyemang stated that as a stakeholder, Kpone was demanding a representation on the Board of Sunon Asogli Power Plant.

He added that, if the company already has a representative of the people, then the person and his credentials should be made public.

They requested from the company to provide a list of how many natives of Kpone were employed at the company’s managerial level, adding that “the argument in the past has been that people from Kpone don’t possess the requisite skills but thanks to education, now they abound”.

They alleged that five years after the commencement of operations of the Sunon Asorgli Plant, the company was yet to sign any Memorandum of Understanding with the Kpone Traditional Council.

The angry youth, prior to presenting a copy of the petition to Mr Mohammed Alhassan, the Kpone-Katamanso District Coordinating Director, demonstrated throughout the Kpone township clad in red and chanting war songs.

Source: GNA

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