Ghana Maritime Authority warns sea vessels against non-communication

ImportsThe Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA) has warned that captains of vessels operating in Ghanaian waters and beyond who switch off their communication gadgets do so at their own risk.

Mr Peter Azumah, the Director General, GMA, said, “help would only come when we know where you are when you are in distress.”

“For some strange reasons, some vessels just put of their gadgets and we cannot hear from them and these are the same vessels which often fall prey to pirates and discomfort,” he said.

Mr Azumah was interacting with executive members of the Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana.

According to him GMA, which oversees security of Ghana’s ports and waters, has the capacity to arrange for the safety of any distressed vessel and therefore called for cooperation of vessel owners to safeguard lives at sea.

On port security, he said the Authority was in control thus making Ghana’s harbours very secure and added “if we ever fail to meet the international standards on port security and safety, no ship would call at out ports.”

Mr Samson Asaki, Executive Secretary, Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana, called for financial and logistical support for the GMA to ensure port security among other roles.

Source: GNA

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