Ghana Integrity Initiative calls on citizens to report corruption at the work place

CorruptionGhana Integrity Initiative (GII) has called on workers to show more interest in what happens at their work places and their environment.

It urged workers to report acts of corruption and any other malpractices perpetrated by their Boards and managers.

It said GII recognizes that “it is not only the management of state institutions that are perpetuating these malpractices and exploiting the people they are expected to lead and the resources they control.

“A lot of the corrupt practices have involved either public officers colluding and conniving with private citizens on their own or managing private institutions. Some private sector managers have also on their own perpetrated fraud against the state and the people,” it added.

This was contained in a monthly press release issued and signed by Vitus Adaboo Azeem, Executive Director of GII and copied the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Thursday.

It cited the latest revelations by Anas Aremeyaw Anas about the Bawjiase Orphanage, which it said clearly show that some of the private sector managers were not different.

“The statement said though in some of the recent cases, the government has acted on the allegations by asking these managers to step aside and arresting some of the perpetrators of the acts that actions still leave much to be desired.

“Ghana Integrity Initiative sees the workers agitation and reports, as progress in the fight against corruption as more awareness about corruption and its negative effects on citizens are increasing.

“Some Ghanaians, especially workers groups, are now bold enough to speak out against corruption by people in high positions. Even the untouchables such as religious and traditional leaders are now being questioned, it said, and commended the workers that have shown the way.

The statement also called on Journalists and other members of the media to follow the example of Anas Aremeyaw and Manasseh Azure, and others and carry out prompt investigations into credible allegations of corruption and expose the perpetrators.


“Ghanaians and, especially the Media and Civil Society Organisations, to continue to put pressure on the government to investigate credible allegations of corruption and sanction those found guilty while continuing to draw its attention to outstanding cases.

“Governments do not seem to have any motivation to deal with corruption and need to be pressurized to deal with it. Ghanaian workers, CSOs and journalists must, therefore, shine the light on corrupt Board members and management of all institutions in the country.

“Public officers, especially those in the anti-corruption institutions, must carry out their mandate without fear or favour, demonstrate a high level of integrity and avoid selective justice, it added.

Finally, the government must act holistically on all credible allegations of corruption and not continue to implement half-hearted measures, especially on acts and persons perceived to be politically linked.

The government should also conduct prompt investigations into credible allegations of corruption and sanction those found guilty, it said.


Source: GNA

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