OXFAM announces strategies to develop Africa

OXFAMOXFAM, a non-governmental organization (NGO), on Thursday announced its upcoming developmental strategies to ensure good health, water, sanitation and better livelihood among the needy and vulnerable in Africa.

Mr Aboubacry Tall, the West African Regional Director, OXFAM, said the organization has plans to ensure that the poor and needy had access to food, clothing, shelter, potable water, good health care and education in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Speaking at a press briefing on the contribution of the organization to the Ebola crisis, Mr Tall said about 28 million pounds was raised in 2014 from private bodies and bilateral donors including the British, German and United States governments to assist Ebola affected countries of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Mali.

He said Mali received the least amount of support from the fund since it recorded only a few cases of the disease.

Mr Tall noted that Ebola cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia were gradually declining.

The Regional Director said there was the need for curative measures such as providing water and sanitation equipments in health and community centres, ensuring social mobilization and educating the public and medical staff on the disease.

He said the organization in collaboration with other NGO’s donated items including mattresses, Ebola outfit, gloves, and other facilities to affected homes in Liberia.

Mr Tall indicated that OXFAM was able to raise seven million out of the 28 million pounds.

He said although part of the seven million had been used for development projects, some had been reserved for a recovery period in about eight to 12 months, where food security will be provided, and children who have been dropped out of school due to poverty would be able to go back to school.

“We will push international donors hard to ensure that strong health care systems are built for the countries at risk”, he said.

Mr Sebastian Attiah, Country Director of OXFAM Ghana, said the organization is also trying hard to contribute to the eradication of maternal mortality, adding that, the NGO is working with communities to construct health care systems and facilities to ensure proper delivery and access to health care.

Mr Attiah said the organization is not only concerned with health alone but in other areas such as mining.

“We are not against mining. We are taking measures with the government to do away with environmental implications of mining to ensure that mining is done responsibly”, he added.

He noted that the organization is also taking measures to ensure food security and agriculture in general.

He said “a country is not built on only health, education and agriculture but democracy as well,” and that, the NGO seeks to influence and increase participation of women in democratic governance within Africa.

Source: GNA

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