NDC government takes Ghana Nugua out of darkness, difficulties – Awuah

NDCEconomic activities and living conditions of the people of Ghana Nugua on the Ghana-Cote d’Ivoire border near Elubo, is improving, following the construction of a road, and the extension of electricity by the NDC government.

Before the construction of the road and extension of the electricity to the cocoa-growing town in 1999, the people had to travel on the Tano River, either by canoes or outboard motor boats to Elubo, to sell their farm produce, receive medical attention, or do other activities.

Mr James Awuah, former Assembly Member for the area and a retired educationist, made this known in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Elubo.

He said the canoes of most of the farmers capsized, and they lost their cocoa on many occasions when they were sending their produce for sale at Elubo.

According to him, most of the accidents occurred during the rainy season, when the Tano River was on flood.

Mr Awuah said some of the people had to walk six kilometres from the town through a dense forest to Cocoa Town, before continuing their journey.

Mr Awuah said, currently many stores have sprung up in the town, while business activities is  booming, as the people can  travel to any part of the country to buy any item of their choice.

According to him, the people no longer cross to the Ivorian side of the border, or travel long distances to buy their essential commodities, as the items are available in the town.

Mr Awuah, who was the Assembly Member during that time, described his period as “dark days of the town,” and commended the NDC government and the former Member of Parliament for the area, Mr Joseph Emmanuel Ackah, for the road construction, and the extension of electricity to the town in 1999.

He said sick and pregnant women, who previously were sent to hospital to either Elubo or Eikwe on boats, a can now reach the health facilities by road within very short periods.

According to him, the construction of the road has reduced the rate of Maternal Mortality and morbidity in the town, because pregnant women can easily attend Anti-Natal Clinic and reach the health facilities for delivery on time.

Source: GNA

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