Student killed in riots

Gun shotA first year student of the Saint Paul’s Senior High School (SPACO) at Denu was hit and killed by a stray bullet, when the police was called in to quell disturbances at the school.

Adio Rahkee, 14, was said to have been hit by a stray bullet fired by the Police on Friday when enraged students of the school went on rampage vandalizing school property and attacking tutors of the school.

Meanwhile, the school has been closed down and students sent home.

Sources within the school administration told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that around 2100 hours Friday night, when the lights had gone off, some students claimed they had chanced upon two of their colleagues in an act of sodomy.

They said an alarm was raised, attracting other students to the scene, who pursued the alleged duo.

The sources said tutors were attracted to the scene. They said the enraged students attacked the tutors and proceeded to vandalize school property.

The sources said as the situation appeared to be getting out of hand the police were called in whose supposed warning shots hit the student, killing him.

Campus sources said the parents of Rahkee, a Moslem, are demanding the body for immediate burial in accordance with Moslem tradition.

When contacted, Mr Augustine Luguyare, Chief Superintendent of Police in charge of Aflao confirmed the story but would not talk further as he was in a meeting.

Source: GNA

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