PwC Ghana starts business school

pwcPricewaterhouseCoopers Ghana (PwC) has launched a business school to provide training courses as well as tailor-made solutions for professionals in the West African sub-region.

The focus of PwC’s Business School is to enhance the skills of people, provide relevant development offerings to clients and help uplift communities.

Mr George Arhin, the Business School Leader, said the increasing complexity of the business world and the shortage of skilled labour was one of the fears constantly expressed by business executives in PwC’s annual CEO surveys.

As a result of the fast-changing business climate, PwC resolved to train their staff as well as their clients and partners through knowledge sharing, through leadership and skills training.

Mr Arhin explained that PwC’s business school is not a traditional school that will conclude its courses with supervised examinations and offer academic certificates afterwards, but that, it is designed to provide professionals with practical knowledge and problem-solving skills.

He said the virtual school will provide courses in taxation, accounting, corporate governance, human resource, finance, capital infrastructure and others at PwC and hotels. Tailor-made and customized training courses for specific business solutions will be provided at clients’ offices.

“The business school will have a well-structured, organized and predictable curriculum for clients and partners to benefit from the knowledge available,” Mr. Felix Addo, the Country Senior Partner said.

Gene Cretz, Ambassador of the United States to Ghana said “PwC’s business school is a tangible symbol of a commitment to ensuring that Ghana and West Africa have access to training opportunities that meet the high standards demanded by the global companies increasingly looking at this region.”

President John Mahama, in a speech read on his behalf, recognized the role of education in solving the problems of the world.

He said PwC’s mission is “to continuously aspire to strengthen the capacity of junior, middle and senior business executives as well as policy makers from Ghana and the region by using innovative curricular and learning approaches.”

“The provision of business knowledge and skills is undoubtedly PwC’s answer to filling an urgent need for further honing of education delivery for organizations and institutions operating in our country and West Africa,” he said.

He also noted that PwC have become experts in a variety of areas, with deep experience and a knowledge base that is still growing.

PwC’s business school in Ghana is the first in West Africa and the fourth in Africa following the establishment of business schools in South Africa, Namibia and Kenya. It also comes in the wake of their business Schools in Africa achieving the highest pupil engagement index.

Source: GNA

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