Bible Society of Ghana launches 2015 Bible Week

Bible Society of GhanaThe Bible Society of Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), has launched its annual Bible Week celebrations at the Mount Olivet Methodist Church in Accra with a call on Christians to heed to God’s word.

Speaking at the launch, Reverend Erasmus Nii Bonne Odonkor, General Secretary of the Society said, “if we all speak the Bible and live by what the Bible teaches, eventually our families, communities and dear nation would experience transformation”

The programme under the theme: “Gods Transforming Word: Life for All, ” is held in the second week of February every year, i to raise funds to support activities of the Society.

He said the theme is timely, because it calls the attention of all Christians to the uniqueness of the Bible and its ability to transform lives and life situations.

Rev Odonkor said the power of God that transformed Mary Magdalene and Nicodemus in Jesus days, continues to transform the lives of many who accept the Gospel, and that our national and personal lives would be transformed if the Bible becomes central in our thought and life.

He said the Bible Week brings Christians together as one body in Christ, with one blueprint for life and the Bible which signifies strength and unity as God’s people in spite of member’s denominational affiliations.

He noted that 2015 marks the Golden Jubilee of the Bible Society Ministry in the country, and the Bible Society will work with all Christian Churches to promote not only the distribution of Bibles, but also advocate for the transformational power of God’s word in community, family and national life.

Rev Odonkor stressed that the participation in the celebration shows that Christians affirm that the Bible around which we gather, is greater than any other consideration that may seem to divide Christians.

Most Rev Charles Palmer Buckle, Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, urged Christians to believe in the scriptures because God’s words transform humanity through his creative powers, prophecy and serve as a point of contact between us and Jesus Christ.

He urged all to establish good relationship with God’s word in that the Bible teaches us to follow the dictates of Christ, adding that we are called as Christians to live and work to build our families and homes on the solid foundation of the word of God.

The Archbishop said the word of God is the lamp and light on our path and it behooves on us to have faith and hope in God since He is the only solution to all our problems.

Source: GNA

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