Rainfall not sign harmattan is over – Meteorologist

Bad weatherThe rainfall recently experienced in parts of the country, does not indicate the end of the Harmattan season.

It is also not the beginning of a continuous period of rainfall.

Mr. Tetteh Portuphy, Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Kotoka International Airport, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that some occasional rainfall during the Harmattan season was normal, but not necessarily an indication that the season was over.

Mr. Portuphy said there was what he termed, “a relaxation” in the southern part of the country, which made it possible for some moisture to build up in the atmosphere.

“Typical Harmattan conditions do not allow the buildup of moisture, unless they are relaxed,” he explained.

He said this moisture enabled the formation of rain clouds, which resulted in the rainfall.

“We would have another bust of the Harmattan before the season actually comes to an end,” he said.

The Senior Meteorologist said the southern part of the country would typically see the end of the Harmattan about the middle of February, while the Northern part would experience it until the middle of March.

He said the end of the Harmattan would then herald the first rainy season.

Source: GNA

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