About 8,000 people in Ghana suffer kidney problems


StethoscopeDr Philip Fobi Kakari, Medical Officer at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Sunyani, has advised the public against self medication to prevent kidney damage.

He said there is the need for people to seek medical advice to facilitate thorough investigation and diagnosis of their conditions, before taking drugs in order to prevent renal kidney failure.

Dr Kakari told a media interaction in Sunyani that about 8,000 people nationwide are having kidney problems and about 600 of the number could afford dialysis treatment, which is very important.

He observed that too much intake of drugs especially antibiotics put a lot of pressure on the liver.

He said not all diseases require intake of medicine.

Dr Kakari said abuse of drugs, intake of alcohol; smoking and delay in treating urinal tract infections are some major cases of kidney failure.

He entreated the public to drink plenty water to have clear urinal passage, control their cholesterol level, take care of their diet and do a lot of exercises to avert the health problem.

He said diabetic and hypertensive patients are of higher risk of getting kidney problems and implore them to take their drugs accordingly to manage their conditions.

Dr Kakari listed frequent tiredness, loss of appetite, pain in the bone, anaemia and swollen foot as some of the key symptoms of renal kidney failure.

Source: GNA

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